Given that it's devoted to finding and rating the dorkiness of personal (some might say navel-gazing) web sites such as this one, I acknowledge the smug irony (or something) of calling out www.losers.org. In my (somewhat feeble) defense, though, I'd like to note that I neither use animated gifs nor elucidate the differences between bestiality and zoophilia nor make observations like this:

Ben & I are both from English speaking countries and America & Great Britain share a "special relationship". However there are so many language and cultural differences that we've come across. Being in an international relationship is challenging for many reasons.

I mean, I feel your pain, babe: my boyfriend is from Canada, another English speaking country with which America shares a 'special relationship,' but I don't feel the need to note every difference between the two nations (save for Canada's significantly greater access to proper Kit Kats) and how same make for some hearty relationship challenges. But then, I guess I don't have to whinge about all of that online because I dump it on my friends instead.

On an unrelated note, Jonathan Safran Foer's novel is finally out, and I'm rejoicing. The excerpt in last year's New Yorker young authors issue was one of the best things I've read in recent memory, and it left me itchy for more.


Watch your &$%*ing mouth

The continuing pain in my hamstring is making me really, really want to *$&#ing swear. In order to avoid the fate of that guy in Michigan, however, I figure I should take a few cues from James O'Connor, who'd really like me to Tame [My] Tongue.


Julie's right: 'Breaking the Waves' isn't a Dogme95 film. It was just, you know, Lars von Trier on the brain, the film's rough-around-the-edges look, etc. But of course I should've realized that the terrible Technicolor-and-classic-rock intertitles (and, let's be honest, they are terrible) immediately disqualify it from being accorded Dogme status (if such a thing exists).

'The Celebration,' though--that's a great film. Juj was right about that, too.