Three hours ten minutes

Things I could have done tonight:
  • Taken care of the ironing I've been putting off for weeks (literally--weeks),
  • Worked my way beyond the first week of September New Yorker-wise,
  • Tackled some laundry,
  • Cracked (er, crinkled?) the cover of yesterday's Times,
  • Dealt with the various piles lurking on/near my desk,
  • Posted some photos to Flickr, and
  • Written a blog post more substantial than a flimsy bulleted list.
What I did instead:
  • Watched Gandhi.
Despite the occasionally bad (and, in a few instances, bad) swarthy pancake makeup and old-person hair (did Nehru really have a slightly botched blond dye job when he became PM?), it was 190 minutes well spent.