Wilska's Complaint

If you really, really need to program your cellphone with the major theme of 'The William Tell Overture' as its ringtone, at least have the common decency not to leave it sitting on your desk in an office of open cubicles, ringer at top volume and voicemail programmed to pick up only after, like, six rings, while you skip off to lunch, because, you know, that's just damn annoying.


Justice is served.


A question

If we accept the definition of 'desert' as an arid and generally water-less locale, is 'desert island' (as in, shipwrecked on) not a complete contradiction in terms? Or is the idea more that while the island itself (being an island and all) is surrounded by water, it doesn't actually host a (fresh)water source?

These are the quandries that threaten to keep me up nights.