Get away

Though it's been only a month since my last trip, it seems now like ages. I'm getting itchy with the need to light out and see more than the Peninsula as it passes by CalTrain's windows.

So first up is Calgary, where the boy and I will do a bit of exploring (though I can't imagine that'll be wildly exciting for him, as he's seen it all before), go for a hike, head out to the university for the Weakerthans show. My priorities (other than the obvious, and the actual purpose of the trip in the first place) are discovering at least one vegetarian-friendly restaurant, drinking some Canadian wine, traipsing through the mountains, and restocking my supply of chocolate.

Then comes Salt Lake City--and, you know, despite everyone's ribbing, I'm quite excited for it. Sure, it'll take some extra doing to score myself a Cosmo anywhere outside of a restaurant, and I'll have to hold my tongue in the Temple Square vicinity, but damn, it just looks gorgeous, and it'll all be totally new. Besides, we'll be staying at the Hotel Monaco, which seems to be the city's hot spot (making it worth the hours spent on a hotel search), and is miles away (figuratively) from the preponderance of chain hotels in the area.

So this is the benefit of insane hours spent working and commuting: even two small weekend trips seem impossibly exciting and adventurous. I have a renewed appreciation for the power of the getaway.