Is it normal to deal with disappointment and/or frustration by wanting to flee? I mean, do other people, when faced with a weekend that's a holiday (read: long) for others but not for themselves, and in which their plans as of Thursday involve little more than a doctor's appointment and a bridesmaid's dress fitting, want to hightail it to Vegas?

Maybe it's just me. But doesn't it seem, sort of, that if you're lounging poolside in Vegas (I guess it would have to be an indoor pool, since it's still chilly) and are contemplating your nickel slots strategy while hotel employees ply you with free alcohol--doesn't it seem like your other cares would melt away? That you wouldn't rail against your company for coughing up so few holidays (despite your admission that you really are spoiled as far as employment goes)? That you couldn't possibly complain about all the middling annoyances that pile up and threaten to make you a whiny pain in the ass?

Alas, probably because it is a holiday weekend for others, the cheap-ass Vegas (or LA, or Portland, or Palm Springs) weekend getaway packages that seem so abundant at other times are not to be found. I think having to shell out a thousand bucks for an escapist weekend would make me more cranky, not less. If I'm at all wise, I'll use my time this weekend to do all the stuff I've been putting off, like finally giving my garden some attention beyond the occasional watering, or catching up on New Yorkers, or drinking myself into a caffeinated frenzy via Proper Cappucinos in North Beach. (If I'm not wise, I'll sit around and mope, but here's hoping I come to my senses before that happens.)

I have to admit that Eric's joke about calling vegetarian pork products "soysage" is pretty funny. Really, has no one thought of this before? Off to investigate....

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