I do love Christmas, and I'm always glad to spend it at mom and dad's house, but there's no denying the sweetness of returning to the left coast when the holiday is through.

Because, see, there are only so many heavy, multi-course meals I can eat (the hours between them liberally interspersed with cookies) before I swear I will bust out of my clothes (in the worst possible way). It's nice to have a different route for my runs, but running in cold weather is not something I'm meant to do long-term. And though I love being around my big, crazy family, I do miss my own house, and regular phone chats with the boy (without having to drag the phone to some far corner of the house in search of privacy), and being able to sit and read uninterrupted for hours on end if I want.

So tonight I came back from SFO, went out in the rain to Golden Produce, and returned home with the makings of a dinner that did not feature cheese or butter as its central tenet. I ate in front of the computer. I puttered around more or less aimlessly. I might soon take a bath. While I do miss the fam, and while the past week has left me pleasantly full in every respect, it's lovely to once again be back in the sphere of my life here. It feels deliciously like home.