Thanks to JDS, I am now the proud owner of a free Flickr Pro account. This is somewhat amusing, as I don't actually own a digital camera yet (though my intentions to purchase one post haste are absolutely good--would that I had done so while I still had the guidance of my technical advisor at my disposal) and thus have to rely on scanning and uploading old-school photos. (As a side note, what do we call these? Analog photos? Offline photos? Normal photos?)

Anyway, despite the laughable amount of labor involved in getting my stuff prepped to be posted, I've been doing plenty of precisely that over the past few days, and now have a decent photostream in place, which you can (and should) visit at http://www.flickr.com/photos/emwilska/.

With Flickr, as with my iPod, I have no excuse for coming to the party so late (and not fashionably so, I'm afraid), and I can't claim to be on the cutting edge of anything. I guess that by nature I'm inclined to go the low-tech route, and it takes a while before I can really see the appeal of the digital alternative in many realms.

But once I do, damn if I don't go whole hog on the thing.


sgazzetti said...

Glad to hear you're getting into it. I'll go check out your "photostream" in a second.

As you shop for a camera, I'd be happy to offer advice; I did quite a lot of research before buying a digital SLR, and I am VERY happy with our choice (Pentax *ist DS). I can also tell you the two most annoying things to avoid in a P&S digicam, having put up with them for the three years prior to the Pentax purchase. There's a very helpful site with reviews, specs, etc. here.

sgazzetti said...

Now I'm back and I have to say, you have a *sweet* collection of pictures there. Very nicely organized and captioned, too, not that that is a surprise. I should get on that...