This Week in Radness

It's hard not to be glad of heart and mind in the face of these three things:

1.) The set of Hausbrandt-logoed cappuccino mugs J sprung on me simply because he's a delightful and wonderful friend who knows how much I adore that cute little cannibalistic coffee pot. J, allow me to publicly state the degree of your excellence.

2.) HBO's "Flight of the Conchords," which you can sample at the afore-linked website. It's smart, snarky, creative, and funny as hell--a sort of mash-up of "The Office," "Arrested Development,"and "Extras" with New Zealand jokes and pseudo-music videos thrown in for good measure. (And if you can't get enough of Jemaine Clement, half of the Conchords, keep your eye on Eagle vs. Shark, which Dana aptly describes as "a little bit like the kiwi version of napoleon dynamite, but with grown ups (sort of).")

3.) Finally, as one still in mourning over the untimely cancellation of "Arrested Development," I find solace in the fact that at least George Michael is back. Well, OK, it's not really George Michael--but it is Michael Cera, who played GMB and has since turned his efforts to "Clark and Michael," a show about two best friends attempting to create the best sitcom ever. Watch Cera in the supermarket scene in Episode 1; he has the same sense of quiet bafflement and half-shame that made George Michael such a lovable character.


Anonymous said...

4.) Further evidence that someone is paying attention to our insatiable desire for the character of george michael is Superbad:
If you aren't excited about this "media event" then you just aren't a straight male. Okay, yes, you probably have more brain cells than me. It's true. Anyway, i've got an alibi for any crime committed on opening night for this sucker. boo-ya!

lady d said...

wait, so are you the hiphoppapotamus and i'm the rhymenocerous, or are you the rhymenocerous and i'm the hiphoppapotamus? i can't remember.

Emily said...

I'm not a water-dwelling mammal from Africa. Did Steve tell you that? What's he got to do with it? What kind of rapping name is Steve?

Anonymous said...

"steve" rhymes with "weed" and, therefore, is wicked. the hiphoppapotamus peels back the most caps in sub-saharan africa and rules the joint. wikipedia the crap out of those facts. you'll see. the rymenocerous is a wack MC but will move your whole apartment if you asked and is always good for a laugh. i concede that he/she/it is a capital chap.