While I Get My Head on Straight

Seen on Geary; photo by Dana

There are currently at least a dozen things I should be doing, but somehow it seemed pressing to post this photo, which has been sitting on my desktop for about six weeks now. I dedicate it to J, both because I think he'll appreciate it with a keenness unknown to others, and because I've been a horrific friend and have sent him not even the merest hint of a note in months.

Other things I haven't done in months:
  • Had a day entirely bereft of work-related tasks
  • Read an actual book
  • Cooked a meal that required more than 2-3 steps
In my dream world, I'll have time for all of those things--as well as regular correspondence with far-flung friends--soon. More truthfully, I might hope for them when I am moored in Connecticut over Christmas, and/or sometime in late February. In the meantime, stay tuned for wildly infrequent posts (which may or may not center around mild whimpering about the chaotic states of my schedule and To Do list) and enjoy Dana's photographic brilliance.

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sgazzetti said...

You know me too well. If Dana has a Flickr account, please implore her to join and post this picture to I wake up screaming.

And tell her for me that I love this picture more than words can express.