Movin' Out (?)

The prospect of moving--albeit only a few doors down, literally--has induced in me what I can only describe as the perfect combination of elation and terror. Do I bite the bullet more than I already have (with a hold deposit) by actually relocating myself to the beautiful hardwood floored, multi-roomed, sweetly charming house with a few flaws (an old stove is fabulous in the historical sense, but would it drive me insane in the day-to-day? And will the equally historical outlets be able to handle the demands of a modern electricity consumer? And, really, the rent is more than I was hoping and planning to pay), or do I let this chance slip from my fingers and wait for something cheaper to come along? Which holds the bigger chance of regret?

Am I rushing things, or am I rather moving at a quick clip and not dragging my heels?

Where do assertive and foolhardy intersect, and where does one overtake the other?

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