Plus ca change...

I was all set to write about inertia and entropy and how chaos, when channelled just so, can be supremely useful. But then I found myself standing in front of the office's first aid cabinet for a good five minutes, puzzling over the intricate differences between the various generic drugs offered therein (Pain-Aid? SinuTabs? Un-Aspirin?), and I realized I just don't have the mental wherewithal today to pen anything remotely thoughtful.

For now, then, I'll just note that my decision to strike out on my own housing-wise has come at the same time as Monique's plans to jettison the Rookie (in a kind and caring way, of course) and Val's announcement that she'll be moving to Japan in the fall. Something (quite possibly the turn of the year) has spurred us to action now, and while this all feels more or less like chaos now, we hope (and trust) that we'll eventually find ourselves thankful for the heat and light said chaos generates.